If Then Software Ships New AppleScript Link Utility

If Then Software is now shipping a new app for Mac users, ScriptLinker 1.0. ScriptLinker is a utility designed for creating links using AppleScripts URL Protocol. The app features PDF script link embedding and automated code transferring. According to If Then Software:

If Then Software has released ScriptLinker 1.0 for Mac OS X 10.3 and higher.

ScriptLinker takes advantage of AppleScriptis new URL Protocol Support by allowing the user to quickly build clickable AppleScript links either in HTML format or specially formatted HTML for placement on MacScripter.netis message boards.

URL Protocol Messaging provides the ability to retrieve script examples embedded in Web pages or PDF files by simply clicking a link or picture on a page. The embedded AppleScript code will be automatically transferred to the Script Editor application and either placed in a new script window, inserted into the front window at the current insertion point, or appended to the end of the script in the front window.

You can find more information about the ScriptLinker release at the If Then Software Web site. ScriptLinker is available as donationware.