If Then Software Ships Status Symbol 1.0

If Then Software is now shipping Status Symbol 1.0 for Mac users. Status Symbol is a utility designed for managing iChat functions. The app features fast access buttons and automatic module loading. According to If Then Software:

If Then Software Releases Status Symbol 1.0 for Mac OS X (10.2 & higher) & iChat AV.

Status Symbol is a stand-alone application that can manage your iChat AV status. The application can display stock, weather, system, personal, iTunes, iChat and system information as your iChat status–without "hooking" into the system.

SS also provides fast access buttons for eating, sleeping, working, errands, gym and meetings for those that want to display where they are and even when they are going to return–all with one button! SS will cycle between the information randomly as it runs, which makes your iChat status constantly fresh!

Set SS as a login item and it will launch iChat for you automatically–loading whichever status module you tell it to.

You can find more information about the Status Symbol 1.0 release at the If Then Software Web site. Status Symbol is available as donationware.