If You Were An OS, Which One Would You Be?

Dude, Wassup?

"Yeah, so, like, I was with my girlfriend, see? And I asked her to take this test, see, so that, um, like, we can see if weire, like, compatible and stuff. So, she goes, "No! I ainit taking no stupid test!"

And I go," If you like, like me and stuff, then youid, like, take it, you know?"

And she goes, "No way, Homer! What if we find out weire not compatible?"

And I go, "Of course weire like, compatible and stuff. So donit freak. Alright?"

And she, like, looks at me with those big brown eyes and stuff, and she goes, "OK. Whereis the friggini test?"

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3...

Personality tests can be fun, but what if thereis one that attempts to tell what OS you are? That is, if you were an OS, which you arenit, but...

Answer a series of questions, and the iWhich OS Are You?i test at Bbspot.com will tell you the OS it has determined you would be. Think youire the Mac-Daddy of OS X? Do your demure ways suggest that you are a shy, perhaps misunderstood version of Slackware Linux? Check it out and see; and do it with a friend...or not.

No way, Man!

So, like, we get on the Mac and stuff. Macs RULEZ, Dude!!! Anyways, so like I show her this cool Web site, called BBSpot, that, like, has this cool quiz, yai know? And she goes, "You dweeb! This donit test your personality, it tests to see what kinda OS you are compatible with."

And I go, "Yeah, I know. I figure as long as you donit come out like being Windows or something crappy like that then, like, we would be compatible and stuff."

So she, like, smiles at me and her nose ring kinda clinks against her front teeth, and the sound is so cute and stuff, and she says, "OK, Iill take your stupid test, OK? But you gotta take it too, OK?"

And I go, "Sure, Iill take it."

So, like we take the test and stuff and, like, she comes out with OS X and stuff. And sheis like all happy and stuff, cuz she thinks OS X is like totally cool and stuff. Then my test comes out, and, like I get Windows 98.

Then she left me, man! She just up and left me cuz of some stupid OS test, man! Like, what is up with that, you know? Huh?

So, like, if you take this test, and stuff, like donit let your girlfriend take it, man. I mean it. You know?

You can find the Which OS Are You? test at BBSpotis Web site. Itis definitely a Cool Waste of Time. Note that you can post your results in the comments below, or in the TMO Forums, where people have been posting their result images.

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