Illuminator Sheds Light On Image Maps

Illuminator Software has released a new image map creation tool, iMapp. iMapp allows users to easily create, modify, and edit image maps for easy insertion into Web pages. iMapp also offers users precise control over compression, allowing pages to be optimized to decrease download time. According to Illuminator Software:

Illuminator Software today has released iMapp.

iMapp is a comprehensive image map creator tool. It was designed from the ground up to replace all other image map tools. We have added advance features such as export to 4 major image map formats, The ability to use any image supported by QuickTime. The ability to export the image as a JPEG with compression control, most of all, our favorite feature is the freeHand tool. Now you can trace an object with ease using one of 4 tools.

Also included in iMapp our exclusive Browse Mode. Donit worry at publish time if the links work. By using the Browse Mode in iMapp you can check to make sure your links not only work but are correct without messing around in source code.

Creating image maps has never been easier. With iMappis intuitive tools and well thought out design anyone can create image maps. iMapp allows you to save any format to the clipboard so you can paste it directly into your own HTML. iMapp can also save to a file for any of the 4 supported formats, CERN, NCSA, HTML, and an external HTML Map.

What do you do when you already have an file with an image map? No problem! Using iMappis advanced import feature you can quickly check your old map against a new or existing image. When the designers decide to go with image number 2 instead of the first one, simple drag and drop image number 2 to iMapp. Next choose import from the file menu, and select your existing image map. Thatis it! iMapp will open the image Map file and set up the hot spots for you. If you need to change an area, or delete an area to match image number 2 it is no problem at all.

iMapp is available for US$10. You can find more information at the Illuminator Software Web site.