Illustrator Plug-In To Receive Update

CValley has announced a new version of FILTERiT, now hitting 4.0. The Adobe Illustrator plug-in adds more features. According to CValley:

The company is expecting to release the new version, FILTERiT4 by the end of February. Some of the new features include the "Trace" feature added on tool items, "3D Transformations," "Fractalize" and more.

With the addition of the "Trace" option, the tool items are even more powerful. "Trace" makes it possible to create a motion-blur type animation when using the Illustrator 9is transparency and also it is easy to make a flash-like animation for the web(please see attached files).

3D Transformations come in 12 different shapes and forms. 3D Transformations make FILTERiT4 exceptional because of its refined algorithms for bezier curve. Version 4 makes this feature even easier and speedier than ever before. It not only allows you to rotate the object after the effect is being applied around the XYZ axis but you can rotate the original object even before you apply the effect so that creating various transformations is possible.

Another major addition is Fractalize. This feature allows you to create the segments of the object appear rough and zigzag. This feature was evolved to improve the Illustrator 9is "zigzag" and "roughen" live effects combined together and to an even more powerful effect. Using the Illustratoris Appearance and Style functions together with this effect will add more creativity to your artwork.

FILTERiT will be available for US$129 by the end of February. The company is exhibiting version 4 at MACWORLD in San Francisco at booth #442.