Illustrator Plug-ins Receive Upgrade

CValley has announced that their set of Adobe Illustrator plug-ins, FILTERiT, will be compatible with version 9 of Illustrator as of August 29th. FILTERiT includes over 80 real time effects, and functions without the need for opening extra windows. According to CValley:

CValley, Inc. announces that their plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator, FILTERiT will have a complete Illustrator 9 compatible updater available for download on their website at starting August 29th!!

Although FILTERiT is already compatible with AI9, this updater fully adapts to some of the new features included in AI 9. Bug fixes can be seen in the following tools:

  • MetaBrush Tool
  • Fade Tool
  • Roughening Tool
  • All Live tools

FILTERiT is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator which includes 82 real-time effects. First released in Japan, now in its 3rd version is finally available in the U.S. This incredibly high-speed effect is accomplished by its unique algorithms so do not waste even a second using other plug-ins. With Version 3.0, you do not have to open extra windows to work with, you just work on your artwork directly!

Features and benefits:

  • Real time effects
  • 82 different plug-in effects
  • Enables to work on artwork directly
  • Similar features of Illustrator but better functionality and value added! See the difference!
  • Worldis first plug-in for Adobe illustrator
  • A tremendous set of power tools!
  • Stimulates your creative energies.
  • Incredible speed
  • Features Illustrator users were waiting for years
  • Editing Bezier paths has never been easier
  • Seamless integration and clean interface
  • Adjustments and changes are made instantly and live
  • Continuous development of FILTERiT in the future
  • Our expertise is based on 5 years of being one of the leaders in the plug-in software category

You can find more information about the update at the CValley web site.