ImageWell 2.0 Ships With New Interface And Tools

ExtraLean Software has released a new version of ImageWell, bringing it to version 2.0. ImageWell is a utility designed for digital image manipulation and editing. The latest features a new interface and new tools for expanded image editing options. According to ExtraLean Software:

ExtraLean Software today announced ImageWell V2, the popular image editing software for quick manipulation and upload to an iDisk, FTP server, or other Web server.

The new and improved user interface brings a slew of practical tools such as image rotation, watermarks, drop shadows, more draw objects, and improved edit capability with web preview. The larger editing canvas lets users place draw objects outside of the original image area and automatically adjusts the canvas to fit the new objects.

Other exciting new features include Apple scriptable functionality, manual resize, more grab options, non-destructible crop, import directly from digital camera, and more.

You can find more information about the latest ImageWell release at the ExtraLean Software Web site. ImageWell is available as freeware.