Immersion, Digital Element Announce Maya 3D Plug-In

Immersion Corporation and Digital Element, Inc. announced Tuesday at SIGGRAPH MicroScribe Connections for Maya for Mac OS X. This new software plug-in - retailing for US$3,495 - enables Immersionis MicroScribe 3D digitizer to work directly in Maya running on Mac OS X.

MicroScribe digitizing products let users construct detailed computer models by tracing over the contours of a physical object. The new plug-in from Digital Element provides seamless data flow from the MicroScribe system to Maya.

"For years Maya users on the PC have had great success with our MicroScribe digitizer, used in the creation of feature length animations such as Shrek," said Tim Tight, vice president and general manager, Immersionis Industrial Group. "We are dedicated to the Mac user community and the ease and speed that the MicroScribe system provides will be a welcome feature for them."

MicroScribe Connections for Maya give designers direct access to MicroScribe system settings through an integrated menu, allowing for detailed control over the modeling process. A Custom Reference Frame feature provides alignment between the MicroScribe system and the Maya workspace. Advanced digitizing features include Scan Planes and time or distance Auto Plotting.

In addition, any Maya object can be parented to the virtual MicroScribe cursor, making dynamic light and camera placement fast and easy. The Mac plug-in supports Maya 6.0 and above for Mac OS X. MicroScribe Connections for Maya for Mac OS X is fully compatible with all USB-capable MicroScribe G2 hardware.