Impression Updated To Version 1.5 With New Backup Features

Babel Company has updated its Impression backup utility to version 1.5. The new version adds performance and interface enhancements, the ability to archive directly to disk, and more. From Babel Company:

Impression 1.5 is a significant update to the backup application for OS X. This version adds direct-to-disk archiving, file-copy support and performance enhancements. The UI has been brightened up and various bugs have been fixed.

Specific features and enhancements include:

  • Impression now supports direct-to-drive backups by writing secure disk images to any mounted media. Disk image compression and checksum options are available.
  • iFile copyi mode is available in addition to pax archiving, which offers a tremendous speed gain for archiving large volumes of small files.
  • The code for the backup engine has been reviewed and consolidated, resulting in an average 10% speed boost over Impression 1.14. In addition, the restore code has been sped up 5-15x when irun as rooti.
  • The UI has been reworked significantly, adding new icons and streamlining choices and options available throughout the application.
  • Bugs in the checksum module and in the restore engines have been fixed.
  • Many more enhancements and tweaks.

Impression 1.5 is available now for US$20 until July 13th, at which point the price will increase to US$25. Updates are free to registered users.