Improved Cataloging App For iPod and OS X

Norbert M. Doerner has released an update for CDFinder, bringing it to version 3.5.1. CDFinder is a cataloging app designed for the file management of hard disks, DVDis and MP3is. The update features improved mouse scroll support and bug fixes. According to Norbert M. Doerner:

Norbert M. Doerner today announced the immediate availability of CDFinder 3.5.1.

CDFinder is a very fast and powerful tool to catalog your hard disks, CD-ROMs, DVDs, floppies, ZIPs and anything else that spins. It has a great user interface and very useful search functions. CDFinder supports drag&drop and requires a PowerPC CPU. While System 8.5 is required, CDFinder is also fully compatible to MacOS 9.2 and Mac OS X 10.1. A special feature is the multi-lingual user interface (German/French/English/Italian/Swedish/Chinese).

New in CDFinder 3.5.1:

  • CDFinder now supports the mouse scroll wheels in Mac OS X
  • Some problems with reading MP3 tags, especially those created by iTunes X have been corrected.
  • Some problems contacting the freedb server to get the Audio-CD titles have been corrected
  • A couple if other minor issues are solved as well.

You can find more information about the CDFinder update at the CDFinder Web site. CDFinder 3.5.1 is availble for US$25.00.