Improved Intruder Detection With IPNetSentry Update

Sustainable Softworks has released an update for IPNetSentry, bringing it to version 1.3. IPNetSentry is a personal firewall designed to detect and log intruders. The update has improved performance in high-traffic environments and protection from worms like Code Red and Nimda. According to Sustainable Softworks:

Sustainable Softworks has released version 1.3 of IPNetSentry, its personal firewall and intrusion detection software, adding enhancements that improve performance for high-traffic environments while offering all users enhanced protection from connection-degrading worms like the recent Nimda attacks.

The new version moves the payload inspection feature, developed to block worms such as Code Red and Nimda, into the kernel. This provides better reliability and more efficient performance, especially for users running Web servers.

IPNetSentry 1.3 increases the number of Aged filters from 250 to 2,000. This means that more intruders can be logged and blocked at the same time, providing additional protection. By increasing the filter capacity, users now have more evidence of intruders that would have been lost in earlier versions, providing additional evidence for reports to ISPs or other authorities. The IPNetSentry Companion application Aged Filter window has been modified to permit sorting by column and multiple deletions of log entries, making it easier to manage records of intrusions.

You can find more information about the IPNetSentry update at the Sustainable Softworks Web site. IPNetSentry site licence is available for US$745.00.