Improvements To The TMO Forums

A quick note about the forums: we have reset the default settings for the forums due to popular demand. When hitting a forum, you will now see a collapsed view of all the topics that includes the number of replies to that topic. When clicking on a topic, you will see all the replies to that thread, making it much easier to follow the conversation. This matches the vast majority of forums elsewhere on the Web, but our versatile engine allows you to choose your own prefs.

If you prefer to see a threaded view (where you can see which messages are replying to which message), click on "View Threads" above the topics. You can switch back to the collapsed view by clicking on "Collapse Threads." Note that only one choice is visible at a time, depending on what mode you are in. If you have Cookies enabled in your browser, your preferences will be saved.

In the posts themselves, the new default is a flat view where each post is listed one below the other in its entirety. You can switch to the threaded view by clicking on "Threaded View." You can switch back to the non-threaded (flat) view by clicking on "Flat View." Again, only one of those choices is available at a time, depending on which mode you are in. Like the topic prefs mentioned above, your prefs are saved in a Cookie as long as your cookies are enabled.

This allows everyone to use the forums in the manner they prefer. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please let us know. We are working hard to make the TMO forums the best in the Mac Web, and that is only possible with your help and approval.

Currently, we have the following forums:

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