Improving Fast User Switching

In my never ending quest to find ways to pack more functionality into my menu bar, I found WinSwitch. WinSwitch lets you switch between user accounts on your Mac, just like the Fast User Switching menu bar item, but it uses less space, and adds in a few extra features, too.

WinSwitch: Fast User Switching, and then some.

You can choose to display a small icon, the name of the currently active user, their initials, or short name as the user switching icon. You can also set applications, scripts, or documents to auto-launch when switching accounts - a handy feature if you want to use an AppleScript launch or quit specific applications, or if you want to send all of your unsent emails before jumping to another user account.

Control exactly what WinSwitch shows in your menu bar.

You can find WinSwitch at Wincent Colaiutais Web site. The menu item is free, but he does accept donations.