In A Perfect World, An Apple PDA Would Look Like This (With Pic)

An anonymous Observer sent us a mock-up of an Apple branded, OS X based PDA, or iPad. While we are fairly certain this is nothing more than a VERY good Photoshop job, it is a breathtaking image.

Rumors of an Apple hand held device have been circulating for well over a year now, despite Phil Schilleris claims that Apple has no intention of creating or bringing such a device to market. The PDA trend, however, has certainly only gained momentum over the last year. Handspringis Visor, and the ultra-cool Springboard slot, have opened up a whole new world of functionality for hand held devices.

Here is at least one personis rendition of what an Apple branded device might look like:

Click this beautiful image for a larger version.

While we are totally aware that this is 99.9% likely to simply be a Photoshop mock-up job, (note the screen seems to be an amalgamation of existing Mac OS X apps and features) we can all hope it is real. It is gorgeous, it runs Mac OS X (apparently along with some version of OmniWeb)...whatis not to like? :-) We offer a big Mac Observer Salute to the artist who whipped this up (or the industrial designer who built it)!

It is our guess that Apple will release something for the handheld space at some point in time.. Hopefully it looks as good at this. :-)