In Scotland, Healthy Food = an iPod for Kids

Eat well and youill be rewarded with free prizes like an Apple iPod and a Xbox games machine. Thatis the new strategy of the Glasgow, Scotland City Council who is trying to improve the health and eating habits of school children.

"Glasgow City Council has introduced the groundbreaking pupil reward programme to all 29 secondary schools in the city after a pilot scheme proved a huge success," reported the Glasgow newspaper, The Herald, Thursday.

"At the end of each term, 30,000 pupils across the city will be able to redeem their (accumulated) points for an array of items, from book tokens and cinema tickets to the latest iPod mp3 players and Xbox games machines," the paper reported.

The points program relies on a swipecard which collects points each time they eat good food. The healthier the food, the more points earned. The program is part of an overall plan by schools in Scotland to improve school quality and gets kids to eat healthier. The Glasgow council has already introduced free fruit, free milk, and a free "big breakfast service" over the past year.