Incredible Stickman Martial Arts Flash Movie

We got a great tip on one of the more remarkable Flash movies we have seen. The tip comes to us from Observer Ryan Heule via Observer David Nelson. is hosting a very cool Flash movie that is part Stickman movie, part video game, and part martial arts extravaganza. Thereis even a bit of Flash Stickman Matrix action at the very end, so you know it has to be good. :-) Below is a screen shot from the movie, but no one frame of this movie can possibly capture the cool waste of time that it is. It is seriously one of the more impressive Flash movies we have seen.

While you are checking out this movie, notice the controls in the upper right hand of the movie. Those allow you to stop the animation, play it again, or to step forward and backward, frame by frame.

You can find the movie at CollegeHumor.comis Web site. There are all sorts of other childishly humorous things at the site, so you may enjoy checking out the rest of the site as well.

If you have a Cool Waste Of Time, let us know.