Indigo 1.5 Adds PowerLinc Controller Support

Perceptive Automation has released an update for Indigo, bringing it to version 1.5. Indigo is a utility designed for controlling devices within a automated/remote controlled household. The update features support for Smarthomeis PowerLinc Controller interface and AppleScript compatibility. According to Perceptive Automation:

Perceptive Automation announced today the immediate availability of Indigo version 1.5, an update to the companyis intelligent home control and automation server for Mac OS X.

Indigo v1.5 now provides support for Smarthomeis PowerLinc Controller (model 1132CU) home automation interface. Now Macintosh users can upload home control logic and scheduled actions to this stand-alone USB interface, allowing basic home control without leaving their Macintosh running. This enables users that cannot leave their Macintosh on 24/7 to still have basic home control, like scheduled actions that randomly turn on and off lights after sunset for security. Like the PowerLinc USB, the newer PowerLinc Controller is a USB interface and does not require any type of USB-to-serial adapter for using on Macintosh computers.

Other enhancements to version 1.5 include improved AppleScript support, and improved reliability and performance when communicating with the various automation interfaces. Indigo now has a thorough AppleScript object model and dictionary, allowing users to customize and integrate home automation with other applications, such as Appleis Mail, iCal, and iTunes

You can find more information about the Indigo update at the Perceptive Automation Web site. Indigo 1.5 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$89.00.