Inferiis Releases Maintenance Update For Alfred

Inferiis has released an update for Alfred, bringing it to version 1.6.1. Alfred is an extension utility designed for plug-in management like that found in the Classic OS. The maintenance update fixes several bug issues and improves disk synchronization. According to Inferiis:

Inferiis has announced that Alfred 1.6.1 has just been released.

A shortfall of Mac OS X has just gone. Alfred is an easy to use, customizable, universal plug-ins manager. Inspired from Mac OS 9is Finder and Extensions Manager, taking care of Mac OS X specificities, it improves user experience to install, remove and manage any kind of plug-ins like screen savers, preference panes, fonts... or anything else.

This maintenance update provides the following improvements:

  • Fixed a bug which prevented installing files from write protected disks like CD-ROMs and most disk images
  • Improved disk synchronization with others applications (Finder...)
  • Replaced the truncated abbreviations in the header of the narrow table columns by small icons
  • The main window now correctly becomes visible when creating a new rule
  • Fixed a few glitches in the English and Japanese localizations
  • Fixed various other minor bugs

You can find more information about the Alfred update at the Inferiis Web site. Alfred 1.6.1 is available for US$7.00.