Inferiis Updates Mushroom With Xcode Support

Inferiis has released an update for Mushroom, bringing it to version 1.3. Mushroom is a utility designed for software localization. The update features Xcode project support and an NIB Helper for simplified Inteface Builder use. According to Inferiis:

Inferiis has announced that Mushroom 1.3 has just been released.

Mushroom is an easy to use developer tool for software localization. It has been designed to help the developers to create and maintain the localized resources and to keep them synchronized with the source code of their Cocoa projects. Mushroom also provides advanced features to improve team work, especially with third party translators.

This release is a important update of Mushroom. It introduces several new features and improves many parts of the software.

The support for Xcodeis projects has been added. Mushroom is now able to read the new project format and to recognize the new ".xcode" document bundles.

It also introduces the "NIB Helper" utility along the main application. NIB Helper is a GUI for the "nibtool" utility which has been designed to let you easily use Mushroom when working with Interface Builderis NIB files.

You can find more information about the Mushroom update at the Inferiis Web site. Mushroom 1.3 is available for US$7.00.