InfiniBand Host Adapters For OS X Clustering Ship

Small Tree Communications has introduced a new high-performance clustering tool for Mac OS X, InfiniBand host channel adapters. InfiniBand is a 10 gigabit networking technology, similar to ethernet, that is tailored specifically for high performance and clustering applications. The companyis product introduction includes PCI-X host channel adapters, OS X drivers, as well as InfiniBand cables.

InfiniBand is the networking technology used by Virginia Tech with its System X supercomputing cluster, and Small Tree says it worked with VT on its cluster. System X made headlines late in 2003 by ranking as the worldis third fastest supercomputing platform.

"The Terascale Computing Facility At Virginia Tech chose Small Tree Communications as its partner for Infiniband software on the System X supercomputer, based on their deep expertise in supporting high performance communications systems," said Dr. Srinidhi Varadarajan, Director Terascale Computing Facility, in a press release. "This partnership will enable researchers using System X to maximize the performance of cutting-edge computational science and engineering applications."

Small Tree also enlisted Apple executive Rom Okamoto, vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, who added his endorsement for Small Treeis InfiniBand product: "With dual G5 processing power and up to 8GB of ECC Memory, Xserve G5 is affordable, easy to manage and powerful -- making it the perfect platform for high performance computing. Small Tree Communicationsi InfiniBand technology delivers high performance and low latency cluster technology to our enterprise customers that benefit from the strong performance of the powerful Xserve G5 and Power Mac G5."

You can find more information on Small Treeis OS X InfiniBand products at the companyis Web site. The host channel adapters are listed at $1095, while pricing for the accompanying cables and related products are handled directly by the companyis sales team.