InfoWorld: Apple Is A Serious Player In The Broad IT Market

Tom Yager of InfoWorld is really taken with OS X and Xserve. In his latest article titled Letis make a toast to this recession, Mr. Yager points out that the current recession is winding down and that there are signs that prove it everywhere. He says:

IT shops of all sizes are hiring again, albeit tentatively, and theyire pulling bargains from a pool of motivated, experienced talent. Productivity is skyrocketing as workers sharpen their skills by studying and experimenting. The graybeards are shouldering their share of the load, right alongside the recent college grads who will never take the economy, or the value of hands-on experience, for granted again.

What really has him excited is the fact that Apple survived the economic downturn, not by over zealous cost cutting, massive layoffs, and other methods of improving the bottom line, but by taking a chance and offering products that appeal to a broad range of old and new customers.

Apple picked the worst possible time to take the biggest risk imaginable. Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server are unqualified hits on everything from US$999 notebooks through entry servers. Developers are climbing onto the platform in droves, as well they should. I canit say it emphatically enough: Apple is a serious player in the broad IT market now. As did the other success stories of this recession, Apple got there by turning to its customers instead of putting the squeeze on them when times got tough.

Check out the full article at InfoWorld then stop back and let us know if you agree.