InfoWorld Columnist Predicts Vista vs. Leopard Media Frenzy

The tech and non tech press will have an orgy of positive Vista coverage when Microsoft finally ships the overdue Windows upgrade, and that frenzy will include a lot of "Mac OS X is doomed" commentary, too. This, according to Tom Yager in a column written for InfoWorld. Vista is currently expected to ship in some form or another before the end of 2006, and Mr. Yager predicts that Leopard will come as early as Januaryis Macworld Expo.

Mr. Yageris point is that both Tiger and Leopard will largely get negative, biased treatment from the tech and business press, but that Apple will surprise the industry by bringing Leopard to market earlier than the Spring 2007 time frame given by Steve Jobs at the 2006 World Wide Developer Conference.

"So Winter will be all about Vista," wrote Mr. Yager. "Where, oh where does this leave Apple? When Vista reviews start running, weill see the professional and lay media pile on with the predictions of doom for OS X and the itoo little, too latei Leopard that journalists have never seen outside Vista is it, and Macs are at a disadvantage for not shipping with Vista. Journalists of that ilk will null the value of OS X and insist that the true cost of a Mac is the machine plus the copy of Vista that really makes it work."

He added, "The media wags and flame-baiters will have a nice run through early January until Macworld shuts them up. Steve Jobs had a wink in his voice when he projected Leopardis Spring delivery during his WWDC keynote."

InfoWorld is largely seen as a PC and Windows-centric publication, but Tom Yager has provided a lot of positive and critical Apple and Mac OS X coverage for some time. There is much more in the commentary on the subject of Vista and Leopard in Tuesdayis editorial.