Information Management Made Easy

MacEase Software has updated their multi-purpose utility, InfoManager, to version 2.0. InfoManager enhances the user experience by providing easy, universal access to many of the tools that are available scattered throughout the Mac OS. One of the most useful features is the ability to annotate items before they are printed. According to MacEase:

Iim pleased to announce the release of InfoManager 2.0. InfoManager 2.0 is a complete information management system for the Macintosh. InfoManager integrates and greatly enhances many essential elements of the Macintosh operating system while simultaneously making these elements both more accessible and easier to use.

With InfoManager users can either enter selected information from virtually any program -- including Internet applications -- into their InfoManager files or print this selected information without having to leave the application they are working in, without having to launch an application, and without even having to open an InfoManager file!

InfoManager also greatly expands the power of the Mac Clipboard, can be used to create and organize notes and other information, simplifies andexpedites file and folder generation and organization, includes extensivetools for on-the-fly editing of text in virtually any program, includestools for both finding the text within text and clippings files andfinding text and clippings files themselves on any mounted volume, andincludes tools for editing and printing the contents of clippings files.

InfoManager, by utilizing an enhanced version of the highly rated WebPrint Plus engine, also includes powerful universal printing tools that work with virtually any program. This allows users -- on the fly -- to collect, save, and print just the information they need from virtually any program -- even just a single character, word, or sentence. This is especially useful when users are dealing with the vast amount of information they are confronted with when using their web browsers and email clients!

InfoManager is available for US$49.95. You can find more information at the MacEase Software Web site.