Inside Look At MWSF Keynote Build Of OS X

Our good friend Wincent Colaiuta of has posted a rather in-depth look at what is believed to be the latest build of Mac OS X. Build C4K17 is the version that Steve Jobs showed the world during the recent MACWORLD Expo in San Francisco. The latest build includes a host of new changes, including a revamped System Preference section, a more customizable Dock, an Apple Menu and menubar clock, and a revamped version of According to Mr. Colaiuta:

Thousands of Mac devotees oohed and aahed as Steve Jobs, iCEO of Apple Computer, showed off the latest build of Mac OS X in his keynote speech at MacWorld San Francisco. Thousands more got to play with the build on machines in the Apple booth on the show floor.

Today - for the benefit of those not fortunate enough to attend the expo - releases the first part in a series of articles getting "up close and personal" with Mac OS X build 4K17, the build that Jobs demoed and was installed on the machines at the expo.

As you will see when you look at our screenshots, the dock is configurable as the rumours have suggested. By typing the following lines into the terminal and then quitting the dock we were able to get the dock to stay on the right side of the screen, with the trash-end of the dock being "pinned" to the bottom of the screen:

  • defaults write orientation right
  • defaults write pinning end

Ripe with a host of information, and a number of juicy screen shots, this article should tide those longing for OS X news over until the official release March 24th. You can read the full story at the Web site.