Inside Magazine Reveals IT/Ginger/That Thing That Jobs Likes Is Hydrogen Powered

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, you have probably heard about IT. Or Ginger. Or maybe you heard about IT as the thing that Steve Jobs has allegedly invested in and who has said he thought that IT would change the way cities were designed. We donit know about all that, but Inside magazine has announced that they have the exclusive on the new invention.

As has been speculated by the press that IT is a two wheeled scooter, and according to Inside, IT turns out that this is true. For a good write up on this subject, check out our old friend John Dvorakis piece from mid-January. The wheels are side by side, and it is supposedly self balancing.

The cool think about IT, and we mean really cool thing, is that IT is powered by a small hydrogen fueled motor. That comes to us by way of CNBC who showed an image of the thing on their morning broadcast that came from the upcoming Inside print magazine edition. We visited the Inside Web site, but it appears the article will appear first in their print version, and that means you need to buy it. Not a bad marketing scheme.

You can order the issue with the IT story direct from Inside magazine.