Inside Pixar's Headquarters

W hile many Apple fans are familiar with One Infinite Loop, Appleis headquarters in Cupertino, CA, fewer are aware of what the insides of Pixar look like, where Apple and Pixar CEO Steve Jobs spends part of his time.

For those interested, Ainit It Cool News serves up a collection of recent photos from inside Pixaris Emeryville, CA, headquarters, along with commentary.

The centerpiece of Pixaris campus is a football field-sized lobby. "Steve Jobs originally proposed a building with one bathroom, something that would drive foot traffic to a central area all day long. Obviously, theyive got more than one bathroom in the building, but just standing there and watching as everyone arrived to start their day, it was obvious that Jobs had managed the feat."

The creativity runs deep in Pixaris offices, with employees able to customize their areas as they wish. Not to be missed is one great photo of a worker who designed his area so that heid always be standing while he works with his PowerBook.

With the success and acclaim Pixar enjoys, itis not difficult to see why employees seem to love their jobs so much. The Incredibles also went on sale this past week, selling five million DVDs on its first day, giving the folks at Pixar another thing to smile about.

Viewing Pixaris insides makes for a brief and amusing Friday diversion; if youid like to take a gander at some photos of Appleis campus, you can point your browser to these two private galleries (courtesy of Google).