Installation Creator Gets OS X Support

Zero G Software has released an update for InstallAnywhere, bringing it to version 4.5. InstallAnywhere is a cross platform installation creator designed for commercial software developers. The update now features OS X support, including the look and feel of the Aqua interface. According to Zero G Software:

Leading provider of multi-platform software deployment solutions Zero G Software, Inc. today announced complete Mac OS X support in InstallAnywhere 4.5, available immediately.

InstallAnywhere enables commercial and enterprise software producers to create highly customizable solutions for installing and configuring software across multiple platforms. InstallAnywhere was designed to install any kind of software -- desktop, enterprise, or multi-tiered Web services -- onto any client or server platform, and configure those applications for optimal performance. Whether creating applications written in Java, C++, PERL, or C#, or deploying EJBs or .NET Web services, InstallAnywhere handles all of the installation details automatically.

InstallAnywhere 4.5 offers the combination of full support for Mac OS X, complete Aqua look and feel, and the power and flexibility of a full-featured multi-platform deployment solution.

You can find more information about the InstallAnywhere update at the Zero G Software Web site. The InstallAnywhere 4.5 Enterprise Edition is available for US$2,495.00.