Installer VISE Beta Released With OS X Support

MindVision Software has released a public beta version of Installer VISE 8.0. Installer VISE is an installer creation app designed for software developers. The latest version features OS X support and performance enhancements. According to MindVision Software:

MindVision Software announces the immediate public beta availability of Installer VISE(tm) 8.0 today at Appleis Worldwide Developers Conference. The Installer VISE builder is now fully Carbonized to run native on Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.

The Installer VISE builder has been completely updated to be a Carbonized application which runs native with an Aqua interface on Mac OS X, while maintaining full compatibility with Mac OS 9.

Other changes in version 8.0 include:

  • Create Mac OS X application bundles Installer VISE 8.0 can build a Carbon-based installer as a Mac OS X application bundle
  • Updated Gestalts The Gestalt checks have been updated to reference recent OS platforms
  • More integrated e-commerce options To extend Installer VISEis integration with the eSellerate e-commerce system, eSellerate-powered installers can now send the following information during the purchase process: Tracking ID, Affiliate ID and Coupon ID

You can find more information about the Installer VISE 8.0 beta release at the MindVision Software Web site. Users with current annual licenses can upgrade for free, while full version pricing information can be obtained from the MindVision sales team.