Installer VISE For OS X Released

MindVision Software has released an OS X version of Installer VISE. Installer VISE is an installer creation app designed for software developers. The OS X version features G5 optimizations and Aqua visual standards compliance. According to MindVision Software:

MindVision Software announces the arrival of VISE X, a new installer product designed exclusively for creating full-featured, visually stunning Mac OS X installers for any install situation.

Building on the success of MindVisionis Installer VISE -- the industry standard installer for the Macintosh -- VISE X brings a new feature set and a dedicated focus on Mac OS X.

Features of the new VISE X include:

  • VISE X installers display a standard Mac OS X user interface, including Aqua fonts and controls, Mac OS X property sheets and Installer background images with transparency
  • Installer now builds as an application bundle
  • Support for Mac OS X text and graphic file formats
  • Ability to set a background graphic for the installer
  • Display QuickTime movies in splash screens and billboards
  • XML translator option for localization
  • Destination and install locations optimized for Mac OS X
  • Custom form editor optimized for Mac OS X
  • Mac OS X disk image build target
  • Zip post processing
  • Improved support for Mac OS X localization
  • Improved support for long filenames
  • Increased filename limit from 63 to 255 characters
  • Increased length of variables values to 255
  • New Mac OS X Gestalts
  • New search filters in the Bring Up To Date window
  • Support for Mac OS X Panther v10.3 and G5 processors

You can find more information about Installer VISE for OS X at the MindVision Software Web site. Pricing information can be obtained from the MindVision sales team.