Installer VISE Gets A Major Update

MindVision Software has released an update for Installer VISE, bringing it to version 7.4. Installer VISE is a software development tool for creating installs on OS 10.1. The update includes many new features and has OS X support. According to MindVision Software:

In continuing support for development on Mac OS X, MindVision Software today ships Installer VISE(tm) 7.4. This version equips developers for installs on Mac OS X v10.1, the first major update to Appleis new operating system.

Features of the new Installer VISE include:

  • Set permissions for install items
  • Pass install path to UNIX shell scripts
  • Install symbolic links
  • Support for longer file names
  • Edit text files
  • Launch a web browser
  • Comment support for installer archives
  • Prevent installs to invisible folders
  • Leave applications running during uninstalls
  • Extended user authentication
  • Greater control of installer logic
  • More sample projects

You can find more information about the Installer VISE update at the MindVision Software web site. Installer VISE 7.4 is available for US$275.00 for a one year licence of 3,000 copies.