Installer VISE Gets Gets Interface Mods

MindVision Software has released an update for Installer VISE, bringing it to version 8.0.2. Installer VISE is an installer creation app designed for software developers. The latest version features interface and localization enhancements. According to MindVision Software:

MindVision Software announces the immediate availability of Installer VISE(tm) 8.3.

MindVision has provided Mac OS X installation solutions since May 2000, which allowed our clients to build installers in preparation for the release of Mac OS X Public Beta that September. For more than two years we have continually developed Installer VISE to provide rock-solid installations solutions for the latest Mac OS X technologies.

This update to the highly versatile installer brings enhanced stability for installs on both Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X.

The changes in Installer VISE 8.3 include:

  • A bug fix allows CD installers to install files with long filenames without truncating the names
  • A cosmetic issue with the Delete button in the Package List dialog is fixed
  • On Mac OS X, the installer names displayed in the menu bar and when mousing over the Dock will now always match the names assigned in the build targets
  • A problem with installer names longer than 17 characters displaying in the Mac OS X Finder as "InstallerVISE" instead of their correct names is fixed
  • Localization and miscellaneous fixes as well..

You can find more information about the Installer VISE update at the MindVision Software Web site. Users with current annual licenses can upgrade for free, while full version pricing information can be obtained from the MindVision sales team.