Intego Starts Internet Content Rating Division

Intego, makers of a variety of Macintosh Internet security applications, has announced the creation of an Internet Content Ratings division. The new division will have the sole focus of rating Internet content in hopes of providing a safer environment for children using the Web. According to Intego:

Intego, a leading provider of Macintosh Internet security utilities, today announced the Intego Content Rating Division, dedicated to rating Internet content. The Division was created to protect children using the Internet and to help companies increase their employeesi productivity.

The Intego Content Rating Division will have two main roles:

  • Analyze and rate Web site content
  • Develop a content ratings database

Web site content will be rated in several ways, and the results of these ratings will be entered into the Intego Content Database. In addition to a standard list of URLs rated by category and level of content, Intego has developed a new technology, Content Environment Behavior Analysis, that performs complex semantic analysis on Web sites to determine exactly what sort of content they contain. This provides intelligent content ratings, so sites, such as those on AIDS prevention and breast cancer are not considered dangerous.

Ratings will be made to determine content considered forbidden for children (such as sex sites), and content undesirable in a business environment, such as gambling or job search sites. The goal is to provide content protection for those concerned about children (families and educational institutions) as well as businesses seeking to optimize their employees? productivity.

The Intego Content Database will be available as a software development kit (SDK) available to hardware and software manufacturers. Easily integrated into all types of hardware (routers, firewalls, etc.) and software (browsers, Internet appliance operating systems, server software, etc.), the database will be work on all platforms: Macintosh, Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.

You can find information on the new service at the Intego Web site.