Intel: Apple is Pushing Us in New Ways

Speaking at this weekis Computex trade show in Taiwan, Anand Chandrasekher, senior vice president and general manager of Intelis sales and marketing group, told reporters: "[Apple] push us to think about things that we may not always think about. We were hoping for that to happen and that certainly happened."

Sumner Lemon, writing about the event for IDG News Service, continued: "Appleis view of how the computer market will evolve has influenced Intelis product roadmap, Chandrasekher said. That impact will be felt over the long term, rather than showing up soon, he said. Chandrasekher declined to give specific examples of how Apple had influenced the roadmap."

Lemon went on to note that heat dissipation was a major factor in Appleis decision to switch from IBM to Intel. Big Blueis failure to produce a G5 chip that Apple could squeeze into a portable, as well as the Power Mac G5is inability to reach 3GHz-plus speeds, ultimately led to Apple CEO Steve Jobsi decision, which he revealed a year ago was in his back pocket ever since Mac OS X first began development.

Chandrasekher said: "You can anticipate that [Apple] probably pushed us on packaging and thermals and things like that."