Intel Brings AirPort Compatibility To A Handspring Visor Near You

Intel subsidiary Xircom has announced new Springboard expansion module for Handspring Visor handhelds. The Visor is a PDA that uses the Palm OS. The new module is called the Xircom SpringPort Wireless Ethernet module, and it includes 802.11b compatibility, which is the protocol that Apple uses in its AirPort wireless products. This means that with the new module, you can access any 802.11b network, including AirPort networks, with your Visor. According to Intel:

Intel Corporation today introduced the Xircom SpringPort(tm) Wireless Ethernet module, the first wireless local area network (WLAN) device for the Handspring(tm) Visor(tm) handheld computer.

The new module complements Intelis existing line of WLAN products and is the first product announced after the companyis acquisition of Xircom. Slightly smaller than a deck of cards, the module plugs in to the SpringboardTM expansion slot on the back of the Handspring Visor, providing secure, high-speed, wireless access to applications and data located on a network, including Internet browsers, e-mail and files.

The SpringPort Wireless Ethernet module enables mobile professionals to increase productivity with access to real-time information and communications. The module is compliant with the IEEE 802.11b high-rate standard and interoperates with Wi-FiTM certified products including the Xircom Wireless Ethernet Access Point and the Intel? PRO/Wireless 2011 LAN products.

The SpringPort Wireless Ethernet module offers up to 11 Mbps transfer rates within 300 feet (90 m) of any installed access point, or hub, on a WLAN. This makes it an excellent solution for organizations of all sizes. The SpringPort Wireless Ethernet module will be demonstrated in the Intel booth (#5343) and WECA pavilion (#1014) at the Networld + Interop (N+I) conference in Las Vegas, May 8-10, 2001.

You can find more information on the new product at Xircomis Web site. The device is priced at US$299 and is expected to be available later this month through retail channels.