Intel CEO Steers Consumers to Macs? Or Prepping Another Idea?

Ashlee Vance, writing for Englandis Channel Register, takes a closer look at an intriguing comment made last weekend by Intel CEO Paul Otellini at a technology conference hosted by The Wall Street Journal. When a reporter pressed the question of computer security with Mr. Otellini, he said of the malware that plagues many Windows machines: "If you want to fix it tomorrow, maybe you should buy something else."

Many saw that as an endorsement of the Mac, but Ms. Vance thinks he was "simply laying the groundwork for a long, merciless marketing campaign." She cites Intelis release of new dual-core processors, which include security tools for business customers, as evidence that the company wants to eventually say to consumers: "Your current computers are insecure. Theyire frightening. Theyire disasters. They are a risk to your business and your home. Itis upgrade or die time, friends."

With processor speeds reaching a plateau, Ms. Vance thinks Intel is getting ready to shift its focus to new chips that contain security improvements and other tools. She concludes: "In a larger context, Otellini is clearly waving the flag now for this future product, saying the PCs you have really must be replaced if you want to operate a secure business. Itis nice that Microsoft and Intel can benefit from the insecure world theyive nurtured for so long."