Intel Core Chip Bugs May Affect Macs

Intelis Core Duo, the chip that powers the new iMac and MacBook Pro, has several errors in its code, according to Based on documentation from Intel, there are 34 known problems in the chip. Some problems cause nothing more than a minor hit on performance, but others can cause problems with memory handling, or even result in a system lock-up.

Of the 34 problems found so far, only one is scheduled to be fixed: An issue where the processoris thermal sensor could stop updating. ALthough highly unlikely, it is possible that hardware damage could occur if this sensor stops functioning.

Another problem can result in a laptop failing to wake up from sleep mode because the memory pointers reference the wrong location when waking up.

Itis not uncommon for processors to have errors in their code, and in many cases they can be worked around through special coding in the applications that we use. The number of documented errors in the Core Duo chip, however, is a bit higher than expected.

Since the Intel-based iMac is just now arriving in users hands, and the MacBook Pro wonit ship until February, itis unclear if any problems will surface as a result of the code flaws in the Core Duo chip.