Intel Processor Could Run OS X & Windows Side By Side

Last week, we pointed you to a C|Net article in which Intelis CEO, Craig Barrett, said that while OS X could run on an Intel processor, Apple just doesnit seem interested to have it happen. In a new article from PC World titled, "Intel CPU Could Run Macs," Mr. Barrett points out that Intelis new processor design would allow a user to run multiple concurrent OSes. According to the article, he also said that one of those could OSes could be OS X, but, again, Apple has shown no interest in the project. The comments attributed to Mr. Barrett appear to be from the same source as last weekis comments, but PC World adds new details. From the article:

Intel Chief Executive Officer Craig Barrett says the Macintosh OS could run fine on Intel equipment--the tough part is convincing Apple Chairman Steve Jobs that itis a good idea.

Barrett briefly described the companyis Vanderpool project, a new processor design capable of supporting multiple operating systems at a processor level, rather than in emulation mode.

"If you are able to, say, have two OSes running simultaneously, you wonit have to rely on a single OS for everything," Barrett says. "So you could have Mac OS and Longhorn on the same system, using Longhorn for business stuff and Mac OS for personal stuff. But first youid need to convince Steve Jobs that itis a great idea."

Read the full PC World article for more information.