Intel Releases Dual-Core Xeon Processor

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Intel on Monday introduced "Woodcrest," its dual-core Xeon processor that many expect will find its way into Appleis Intel-based Xserve. IDG News Service reporter Shelley Solheim attended the companyis launch event in New York, noting that Intel executive Pat Gelsinger said: "The Intel Xeon 5100 chip reduces power consumption by 40 percent while improving performance by three times compared with its prior processors."

She added: "With improvements in energy efficiency and virtualization, the new chip is aimed at helping address challenges IT managers face in the data center around space, power, cooling and server utilization, Gelsinger said."

Intelis next round of processor releases include the quad-core Clovertown as well as the Conroe and Merom Core architecture processors for desktops and laptops, respectively. Where those processors find themselves in Appleis product line-up remains to be seen.

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