Intel VP: Steve Jobs Made The Wrong Decision In Picking The G5

The Edmonton Journal (via has posted an in-depth interview with Pat Gelsinger, Intelis senior vice president and chief technology officer (CTO). The interview covers many topics relating to Mr. Gelsinger and his position at Intel, but the discussion briefly takes a detour into things Macintosh. He is asked to compare Appleis market to Intelis, and is later asked whether Steve Jobs made the right choice in choosing IBMis G5, and what Intel could offer instead. From

Q. Did Steve Jobs make the right chip decision, choosing IBM for his upcoming G5 processor, or will Apple be missing out on some pretty hot Intel technology.

A. I think Steve Jobs has made the wrong CPU choice for 20 years, he just added a few more years to the life of his bad decisions. Steveis not an illogical guy, heis passionate and opinionated about the directions he wants is a poor path for the company as well as a poor path for the users.

Q. What do Intel chips have to offer?

A. Our chips would help Apple could find ways to open up more applications for themselves, a broader set of products, we have Centrino mobile products that are stunningly good. I donit think itis a good decision for Apple or for their customers, but theyive done a good job of turning the company back around at the same time so you canit discount all the things that theyire doing and all the decisions theyive made.

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