Intel Wants To Be Your Digital Hub (With Screen Shots)

People that regularly follow the Mac industry have likely long been aware of how the rest of the PC industry follows Apple leads. Be it advertising, design, product names, colors, or other types of products, we are sure to see something that Apple has done appear elsewhere. Observer Robin Woods sent us a short note about Intelis current ad campaign he spotted at, and we thought weid pass it along. Itis not a particularly new development, but we felt it high time to comment on it.

Thought you might like to see the attached screen grab. Seems like everybody is jumping on the idigital worldi bandwagon.

kind regards,

Robin Woods
United Kingdom

Tiny is a UK manufacturer of Wintel-based PCs that bills itself as the UKis oldest such manufacturer. The company also markets its computers directly through its line of retail stores. The screen shot below was taken by Mr. Woods from Tinyis site and features a graphic from Intel advertising the Pentium 4 processor.

The centre (or center as we spell it in the States) of your digital world... Outstanding. Hereis a screen shot that we took directly from Intelis Web site.

(Click the thumbnail for a larger image)

Note that itis the same tag line, the center of your digital world. If you think that sounds familiar, itis because Apple has been calling itself the Digital Hub, with "the center of your digital lifestyle" as the tag line. From Appleis home page: