IntelliMerge 4.5 Enables Embedded Images in HTML Files, More

Intelli Innovations has released IntelliMerge 4.5, an upgrade to its e-mail merging software that adds the ability to insert images in HTML documents by attaching them to a message, rather than posting them on a remote Web server. This update, which is free for all IntelliMerge 4.x license owners, also includes a Troubleshooting Assistant, live searching similar to iTunesi capability, support for invalid mail exchangers and numbered protocol errors and expanded import capabilities.

In addition, IntelliMerge 4.5 now internally indexes e-mails, enabling its duplicate checker to work without regard to upper- or lower-case letters. It also features new FileMaker Pro 7 integration examples, a combined IntelliMerge Tutorial and FAQ/Help system for easier access to information and speed optimizations for Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger" users.

The full software is US$99 and requires Mac OS X v10.2. Upgrades from versions earlier than 4.x are $39, and multiple license discounts, including a site license, are available. Intelli Innovations also offers IntelliMerge SQL, with prices starting at $399, for users with SQL databases and the need for more robust delivery options.