IntelliMerge Adds OS X Address Book support; Spam Checker

Intelli Innovations, Inc. released Monday IntelliMerge 4.0, a major upgrade to the companyis business-class e-mail merge software for the Mac.

Combining a recipient manager, e-mail composition program, and mailing system in one application, IntelliMerge makes it easy to send dynamic, customized e-mail messages to customers, memberships, and other groups.

New features and improvements include Mac OS X address book integration, detailed reports after each mailing, embedded image support for HTML messages, custom mailing that allows users to select e-mail recipients by list, flag, or status, a spam keyword checker which automatically examines messages for common "spam" words, and a new Mac OS X toolbar in the message editor, giving users easy access to commonly used functions.

IntelliMerge 4.0 is priced at US$99. Upgrades are $39.