IntelliMerge Releases New Validation App

Intelli Innovations, Inc. has released a new app for Mac users, Address Validator 1.0. Address Validator is, as it sounds, and app designed for searching and comparing addresses against the USPS database. The app ships with support for validation of up to 75 addresses a second and error reporting. According to Intelli Innovations:

Intelli Innovations today released Address Validator, its new U.S. postal address standardization software. For a fraction of the cost of other (Windows only) solutions, with no required subscription fees, Address Validator identifies, finds, and corrects missing information in postal addresses.

Address Validator spiders each postal address in any imported tab-delimited file/database, checks it for errors against the U.S. Postal Serviceis national address databases, then returns a standardized address list. Standardized addresses include correct street names, abbreviations, and full 9-digit zip codes (Zip+4).

Address Validator 1.0 features:

  • High-speed, Internet-connected address validation engine checks and corrects up to 75 addresses per second
  • Record status area describes validation status, errors, correction tips
  • Flexible address browser with customizable column views
  • Integrated list search options with instantaneous result options
  • Pre-defined fields for address, suite, city, state, zip code, and firm (record identifier)
  • Tab-delimited text import with field matching capabilities
  • Custom use "firm/company" field for storage of unique record identifiers during processing. This allows users to export their addresses from databases like FileMaker Pro, process the addresses with Address Validator, then merge their database with the corrected addresses
  • Customizable export option with record scope, delimiter, line break, and column header options
  • Support for multiple address databases
  • Backward-compatible database format for use with Intelli Innovations ProSQL database management software

You can find more information about the Address Validator release at the Intelli Innovations Web site. Address Validator is available for US$699.95.