Intelli Innovations Updates Product Line With Improved OS X Support

Intelli Innovations has updated three of their most popular products to add improved OS X support. eMail Alert! is now at version 2.6, P.O. Toolbox is at version 2.4, IntelliMerge is at version 1.1, and Package Tracker was recently bumped to version 3.1. According to Intelli Innovations:

Intelli Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce the following new products for Mac OS X:

eMail Alert! 2.6
Our popular e-mail notification and reader product, now Carbonized and ready to run on Mac OS X.

P.O. Toolbox 1.4
Now Carbonized, new automatic image cropping for Delivery Confirmation barcodes, by user request.

IntelliMerge 1.1
Our official Carbon release also adds HTML, Unicode support, text wrapping, MIME, message preview mode, and sortable recipient lists. See the release notes for more information.

Intelli Innovations is pleased to announce Package Tracker 3.1, a update to the first and only complete package management solution available on Mac OS and Mac OS X.

Version 3.1

  • [New] Mac OS X friendly (128x128) application icon.
  • [New] Option-clicking items in a tracking list performs the opposite action specified in Preferences.
  • [New] TrackThis. Example for REALbasic business software programmers in Developer APIs:REALbasic folder
  • [Chg] Major modifications have been made to ensure compatibility with Mac OS X 10.0 and later.
  • [Chg] Carrier auto-detect now supports all DHL and Airborne tracking numbers.
  • [Src] FedEx carrier plug-in has been modified to gather status information for Ground packages.
  • [Src] DHL carrier plug-in has been modified to remove obscure HTML entities.
  • [Bug] Carrier specification is now properly retained in tracking lists.
  • [FYI] Package Trackeris FedEx tracking capabilities include Express, Ground, and Home Delivery (available in select destination cities).

You can find more information about all of their products at the Intelli Innovations Web site.