Intelligenic Releases GarageBand Guide for Educators

Appleis GarageBand software has changed the way many people think about making music, and the world of education is no exception. Now, thereis a there is a guide written especially for teachers called GarageBand Mechanics:?Recording Arts and Composition Activities for the Classroom.

The text "offers educators 136 pages of tutorials, tips, and curriculum-centered projects for learning and implementing GarageBand in their classrooms," as well as "13 classroom projects that introduce students to recording arts and composition."

Written for "a beginner or a virtuoso," the book is designed to help teachers work with student to make music. To that end, the book introduces GarageBandis features, and helps instructors "infuse the power of music across the curriculum."

GarageBand Mechanics is written for all types of teachers, whether of language arts, social studies, music, or computer applications.