Intelligent Assistant For FCP Color Correction Now Shipping

Intelligent Assistance, Inc. is now shipping PRACTICAL Color Correction for Final Cut Pro users. The Intelligent Assistant line of plug-ins are designed for coaching users through various aspects of the video editing app. PRACTICAL Color Correction focuses on FCPis titling generators including LiveType and Boris Calligraphy. According to Intelligent Assistance:

Intelligent Assistance has released PRACTICAL Color Correction for Appleis Final Cut Pro, a complete tutorial and coaching guide for correcting poor quality images and making good images into great images. PRACTICAL Color Correction is available as a CD-ROM install, or by individual tutorial or How2 purchase through Assistance on Demand, Intelligent Assistanceis innovative on-demand service.

PRACTICAL Color Correction is aimed at the everyday video producer and provides a comprehensive introduction to the techniques used for color correction from the basics of correcting poorly exposed or badly white balanced footage through to advanced techniques using the psychology of color to enhance the productionis communication.

You can find more information about the PRACTICAL Color Correction release at the Intelligent Assistance, Inc. Web site. PRACTICAL Color Correction is available for US$35.00.