Intel's CEO Talks Up FireWire At CES (With The Help Of The Blue Man Group)

At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the largest consumer electronics show in the US, Craig R. Barrett, CEO of Intel, used part of a keynote presentation to talk up FireWire. Mr. Barrett was discussing the future of the consumer space, something that is increasingly important to a company like Intel as it is with Apple, when he began talking about Desktop Video. He didnit talk about Apple or iMovie, but he did talk about FireWire. Better yet, he referred to it as "FireWire (1394)." FireWire is the brand name that Apple has attached to the 1394 IEEE standard, a name that some PC companies have not adopted. i.Link is the brand name that Sony has chosen and includes a slightly different, though compatible, implementation.

Mr. Barrett was assisted in the presentation by The Blue Man Group, the performance group that has graced the companyis Pentium III advertisement. The Blue Man Group is currently a big-name draw in Las Vegas.