InterMapper And InterMapperRemote Version 4.0 Released

Dartware, LLC has released new versions of InterMapper and InterMapper Remote, bringing them to version 4.0. InterMapper is a network monitor designed for the checking and alerting of network service levels. InterMapper Remote is a remote viewer that works with in tandem with InterMapper for real-time, animated views of InterMapper maps. The latest versions feature several enhancements including aggregate actions and improved security. According to Dartware:

Dartware, LLC is pleased to announce that InterMapper(R) 4.0 and InterMapper Remote 4.0 are now available. These two programs work together: many of the new features of InterMapper listed below require InterMapper Remote.

The new features include:

  • Cross Platform
  • Drill down. You can use the new Map Status probe type to represent the state of another map (a "sub-map")
  • Aggregate Actions. You can use InterMapper Remote to configure multiple devices with a single action or dialog. Attach notifiers, set the probe type, SNMP community string, comment, timeout, etc. on multiple items at a time by selecting the devices, then control-clicking to choose the desired action
  • Remote configuration. InterMapper Remote can now configure nearly every aspect of operation on an InterMapper server
  • Scalability. With the advent of the Map Status probe, itis now possible to place InterMapper servers at remote locations and monitor them from a central network operations center
  • Enhanced monitoring of remote networks with security. Placing an InterMapper server behind a remote firewall lets a network manager monitor the servers behind the firewall without exposing them to the Internet at large

You can find more information about the latest InterMapper and InterMapper Remote versions at the Dartware Web site. InterMapper is available starting at US$295.00, and InterMapper Remote is available for US$195.00.