InterMapper Update Gets The Power Of Three

Dartware, LLC has released an update for InterMapper, bringing it to version 3.7. InterMapper is a network monitor designed for the checking and alerting of network service levels. The update features three major improvements; notification dependencies, built-in paging, and remote map editing. According to Dartware:

Dartware LLC announces immediate availability of InterMapper(R) 3.7.

InterMapper is a network monitoring application that continually checks the servers, routers, switches, and other networked equipment and alerts the network manager when there are problems using audible alerts, e-mail messages, pages, and running scripts.

There are three major features in this version:

  • Notification Dependencies - InterMapper will automatically suppress notifications of devices that become unreachable due to a failure of an intervening device
  • Built-in paging, with support for SNPP and modems - InterMapper has a built-in notification that will send pages to SNPP servers
  • Remote map editing - With the latest version of InterMapper Remote, the network manager can create, edit, and delete maps from a separate computer

You can find more information about the InterMapper update at the Dartware Web site. InterMapper 3.7 is available starting at US$295.00.