InterMapper Updated With Expanded Wireless Access Support

Dartware, LLC has released an update for InterMapper, bringing it to version 3.6.2. InterMapper is a network utility designed for monitoring and alerting network administrators of potential problems. The update features expanded wireless access point support and other enhancements. According to Dartware, LLC:

Dartware, LLC is pleased to announce the availability of InterMapper 3.6.2, the newest version of its network monitoring and alerting software.

The major feature of this version is that the support for wireless access points has been improved. InterMapper now provides support for Agere/Orinoco/Lucent and other Karlnet-based wireless base stations, as well as the Apple Airport and Cisco Aironet access points.

In addition to the wireless probe enhancements, Dartware has added several other features that extend InterMapperis utility. These include:

  • New Probes. Added new probes that test servers that use encryption, including the LDAP-SSL, IMAP4-SSL and SMTP-TLS protocols
  • Improved Web display. The Device List Web page now displays the probe type and port
  • Device labels now may contain the SNMP "Interface Name" as a variable. This makes it easier to create accurate labels for an entire map

You can find more information about the InterMapper update at the Dartware, LLC Web site. InteMapper 3.6.2 is available from US $295.00 for a 10 device deployment license